Nov 252014

I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours one recent cold morning photography this wonderful family. That cold morning they were trooper, like they have had to learn to be in life. Their youngest son has TSC and they have go through many battles since his birth that many of us have never known or can comprehend the challenges they face. It was a wonderful couple hours capturing the love that holds this family so tightly together.

The text below is taken directly from the family’s Facebook Page:

“Our story begins at 34 weeks after an ultrasound was done. As a mother you think that everything will be great and pray nothing is wrong. But there was something wrong; very wrong. The kind of wrong that makes you question, why God? Why my child?
Our sweet baby boy Hudson T. Scheck was born. The diagnosis was confirmed after birth and multiple tests that Hudson had Tuberous Sclerosis Complex or TSC. He had multiple (to many to count) tumors or tubers on his brain, heart, kidneys, skin and SEGAs in the ventricles of his brain. After numerous surgeries and hundreds of seizures our Hudson fights daily.
We invite you to follow Hudson’s story…his journey, strength and love for life. We never understand why things happen or why others seem to suffer and struggle in this life, but in life struggle and pain can open our eyes to something bigger than ourselves. With faith and hope our lives changed when Denali came into our family. Denali is our trained service dog who detects seizures and alerts just before Hudson has one. Our story begins… Denali is the heartbeat at our feet. Please join us on our journey.”


You can also follow this family’s story on their blog, Heartbeat At Our Feet.

See the entire session here: Scheck Family Portraits.

Nov 072014

This is an abandoned homestead near Davidson College. Amazing to think that a family once lived out their lives there. Now, it is overgrown, ragged and all but completely on the ground. So I ventured out and decided to have some creepy fun with it as the setting for some grim reaper type imagery. So with a cloak, noose and the death of winter surrounding me, this is what I created.