Oct 212014

Too cool not to share some. Peyton is starting out in modeling and needed some images for her portfolio. We spent an afternoon together to explore her talent. She was very energetic, fun and professional. I loved working with her!

Oct 022013

I was able to attend and photograph a competition for a body painting competition hosted by Living Art America this past weekend. Bodies as a Work of Art was created in 2010 by artist Paul Chelko and is the annual fund raiser for The Chelko Foundation. World Bodypainting Association is and internationally recognized competition including categories for both emerging and professional artist.

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands were the event’s performers. They have a wonderful Cabaret sound and I highly recommend their self titled album Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands & Muses and Bones.

Seth Oldham, Diego Diaz, Crystal Bright - Band for event

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands


The artist’s work is amazing! It’s amazing someone can morph a body into a canvas for such incredible paintings. I hope you enjoy this sample as much as I enjoyed the event. You can view more images here: Gallery Link. View more about the Atlanta event here: 2013 Event.

Aug 072013

I was told about this incredible place to shoot and it was a great setting for these looks. The shoot went great, but it was a couple of silly things that happened. When you step on a nail while setting up the lights, you just get the feeling that it’s not going to go well. The good thing is the shoot went well until the last set we were working on. When you are in an abandoned place and haven’t been bothered, you don’t expect anyone to come walking in on you. Especially not an Police Officer. I had just taken a set of shots in front of the window in the green wall. I was taking a look at the images before moving the light and I hear the old storm door open up. After the initial, “Oh, Shit!” thought, I see the Officer step in. He takes a quick survey of the scene and ask do we have permission to be there. Of course we didn’t, it’s abandoned, there’s only a couple stores around us that are open. Where the hell do you get permission? I have to say, for that situation, he was the kindest person about it. He simply said you have to be careful because everything is owned, it’s not just as easy as walking in to a place. He was also more concerned about our safety since the building we were in was rather dilapidated, you can see how much in the last images with the walls destroyed. He just asked how much longer we would be and asked us to finish up and get out. So Yay!, no jail and a set of great images.