Mar 162014

Here are some of my images from a photography adventure with the Cherokee Photography Club.

Feb 072014

I recently purchased a Fujifilm X100S. It is a great camera to carry around and to just have fun with. Shortly after getting it, we had a snow storm in the Atlanta Metro area. This gave me the opportunity to walk around our frozen neighborhood and make a some nice images. Enjoy!


Jul 282013
Sometimes the best thing about being a passenger in a car is you get to have fun and shoot images like these. Slow the shutter down and with the bounce from the road and the motion of the vehicle and you get a beautiful painterly effect of the scene.
Jul 282013
These are a couple of images I took while enjoying my first Pacific Ocean sunset. It was a wonderful experience watching the sun disappear into the ocean since I’ve only seen it rise over the Atlantic. After enjoying diner at the Cliff House we stayed around so we could enjoy the view. It was spectacular weather to photograph that evening!