I want to be your photographer. Let's make beautiful images together!

Cory was very easy to work with. He is a man of his word. He was very flexible and accommodating. Cory is very professional. I relive that special day that Cory forever captured for me!!! Thank you Cory!!
— Casi



About Cory

Cory was just "Absolutely the Best" He delivered way more than we expected and was way more than a pleasure to have around for my clients first photo shoot.
- Bach Entertainment -

I believe life, and love, are all about the little details. I strive to find the unique in the ordinary.

And that's what I look for on each photo shoot.

I've always loved photographing and engaging with people on projects. I capture a variety of subjects, but I feel most at home with a person in front of my camera. I'm grateful and honored to capture my subject's emotion  - and I highly regard this private and intimate part of you.

Whether it is a family, maternity, boudoir, or wedding shoot - these are unique moments to you and your place in time... let's highlight and capture YOU with a custom photo shoot and experience that last beyond a lifetime.

Your Signature Experience

One of my best and most influential memories of my photography is my dad always taking photos of my family. While many friends had few photos, my childhood is well documented. Family gatherings, trips, holidays, and other random moments all photographed, printed and put in albums. We still have all the negatives packed safely away. I am fortunate that when I feel nostalgic for these moments, I have the ability to revisit them simply by picking up an album and turning the pages.

I have this because my dad reflected back on his youth and recognized how few photos there are. What there is of his parents is invaluable not just because it’s family, because there are so few. I don’t want that to be you. I want to capture a lifetime of photos for you and for you to look back on your memories with the same joy I do.

The happiness that I feel being able to do this is a monumental impact on what I want for you during your session with me. I want you to be able pick up your album or prints and look back yourself and family’s moments captured by me. I want you to have prints on your walls, desk, bookshelf, entertainment center, all the places my parents put them. I want you to send prints or cards to grandparents, like my dad would, so they can share in your moments. And, I want to provide you these with the care and quality that will allow these to be handed down to generations to come.

His talent knows no boundaries. In addition, his charming personality and ability to listen and deliver the shot we need are unmatched.
— D’anne Heckert, Modern Luxury Publisher

Why should I not miss out on booking a session?

Because you want to have these memories. It is something that it is so easy to book and you can come away with products that will record these memories for generations. You book a session so your children can see what you were all like when younger. You book a session so you can hold something that will bring a smile to your face and possibly a tear to your eyes. You book a session so you can remember with fondness that which is no longer with you. You book a session so you can revisit the fleeting moments of life. Book a session and book quickly so you don’t miss out on my availability. With a risk-free, only buy what you LOVE policy, after you see your photos, the only thing you will not be happy with is waiting so long to book your session. You, like all clients will love that you contacted me and began creating your photographic legacy.

How are your family sessions different?

I tailor my shoots to you. I make them personal, about your family, not just photos of your family. During the consultation, we will discuss things like your favorite places, not the popular place for portraits, but the places that are special to you. I want to learn about your routines: Do you spend Friday nights cuddled on the couch to watch a movie?; Do you love to go to the park? What is your family exited about now? I want to find out about what currently excites your family to capture that because by our next session, those things will be different. I want you to look back through our sessions and see the growth and evolution of your family. We will work out the outfits options and discuss whether this will be a styled shoot with a theme, for a particular holiday season or just a casual day out. The most important thing is to wear something you love that represent your family and compliments yourselves and each other. Through the years, we’ll create a timeless documentation of special moments of your family’s life.

My body is not perfect, how can I look my best?

Of course it’s not. No person’s body is perfect, nor does it need to be. The imperfections are what helps make us unique and can give us something to celebrate, not be ashamed of. I want to capture you, the real and honest you. I will help you pose to compliment what you love about your body. Boudoir photography can be empowering. It is about bringing out confidence in yourself. During your consultation, we will discuss the features you love about you and outfits that will inspire you during the session. Pushing your boundaries, will bring out an inner radiance you didn’t know you had. You will feel amazing after you see your photo and realize looking perfect happens when you think of yourself as beautiful. Your best will show while having fun and enjoying being sexy for you. Building your confidence starts by booking your session.

What lingerie and props do you recommend for my boudoir session?

It doesn’t all have to be lingerie. There are so many options that are very simple and you probably already have. A comfortable t-shirt, the bathrobe you put on after a shower, that nightgown you love, or your oversized sweater. If this is a gift to your SO, bring a favorite shirt or something related to a hobby or passion of theirs. Simple jewelry to add a element of enhancement. A button up shirt and slip are a must have. Fishnets are a great article to show off your legs, especially when you add a pair of heels. Some props I have that can be added in are masks and hats. They give something to focus on and are a great way to help you relax and get into your session. All of this and more will be discussed during your pre-shoot consultation.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Everything you will need to know will be discussed during your pre-session consultation. We will discuss outfits, your ideas for the session, things you like and don’t. I will answer any questions you have and then am available to answer those you don’t think of at that time.